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NameJoining FeeRecurring
Individual (18 years and above).
$ 40.00 $ 40.00 / monthly
College (Full-Time Student)
Any student that has 12 hours or more of college hours is considered a full-time student. A copy of their schedule or college ID showing full-time status must be presented at the time of registration. College students 26 years of age or older must have their own membership.
$ 20.00 $ 28.00 / monthly
Two adults and all dependent children living in the same household. The term “children” is defined as any person under the age of 18 who is a natural or legally adopted child, foster children, international exchange students, and children up to age 26 who still reside in the home (must provide proof of residency). Up to two additional adults may be added to the membership for $20 per adult per month. Adult(s) added onto the membership must show proof of the same residency to be on the membership.
$ 50.00 $ 58.00 / monthly
$ 0.00 FREE
Any person age 65 or older.
$ 40.00 $ 30.00 / monthly
Senior Couple
Two adults living within the same household, 65+
$ 40.00 $ 49.00 / monthly
Single Parent
1 parent (widowed, divorced, separated, single) and children (same definitions as a child for family & household membership) up to age 26 (children ages 18-26 must provide proof of residency).
$ 50.00 $ 50.00 / monthly
Any person under the age of 18.
$ 30.00 $ 20.00 / monthly