Youth Sports


At the Y, we know there is much more to a game than the final score. A child’s involvement in youth sports gives them the chance to learn about teamwork, achievement, and friendship all while having a great time. Our sports staff, coaches, and volunteers encourage children to reach their full potential in an all inclusive environment. 

Teamwork and Friendship

Social skills for on and off the playing field

Learn Fundamentals

Setting a solid foundation by mastering basic skills

For All Skill Levels

Age-appropriate leagues, camps, classes, and clinics

Youth Sports Programs Available

Outdoor Soccer

Beyond learning more about the game, participants will gain something even more valuable; learning how to work as a team while building their self-confidence and having fun.


Participants will focus on enhancing basic body movement, coordination, and muscle development while building confidence and strength.

Biddy Basketball

This program allows each child to be successful. The YMCA and parents help by promoting a fun atmosphere, making new friends and learning the basics of the sport in a camp style setting.